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Artify 360 HRMS Software
Artify 360 HRMS Software

Global HR Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

Hiring, Onboarding, Attendance, Compliance, Payroll & more…

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Assisted Demo & Trial

Guides you in every step.

Assisted Demo & Trial

Our team guides you to understand Artify and its features. Start using and experience it yourself with a free trial.

Statutory Compliance

Ensure compliance.

Statutory Compliance

Artify remains statutory compliant and always updated with local rules & regulations! So no more confusions or complex calculations.


Grows with your company


Growing to Multi location, Multi Company or Multi National? All it needs is an upgrade with what is required. Artify can grow with you!


Tailored to your needs.


Artify can be easily customized to your company’s specific requirements for better performance & management.

Easy Migration

Fast and easy migration.

Easy Migration

Moving to Artify from Excel files or another software? It is as easy as it can get! Our expert team will help you with the process.

Quick start

Get started in days.

Quick start

No need to wait for months! You can get started with Artify as your new HR software in a matter of few days.

Cloud or On premise

Choose your convenience.

Cloud or On premise

Artify can be hosted in the Cloud or in your local server! With Artify, you make the decesion and in total control!

Easy Payment Options

Multiple payment options

Easy Payment Options

Multiple payment modes ensure your company’s convenient, safe, and secure transactions.


By submitting the form, you agree to Artify 360 privacy policy

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Explore Artify HR Management Software

Best Hiring Software in GCC


  • Simplifies and organizes the hiring in your organization
  • Assign recruiters for a specific role
  • Create jobs with your requirements
  • Manage your candidates profile easily
  • A dedicated job board with CMS
Learn more


  • Manage the recruits of your company
  • Set crucial metrics for your onboarding success
  • Store accurate details of your employees
  • Set the overtime eligibility for your new employees
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Employee Onboarding Software In GCC
Employee Training and development platform in GCC


  • Assign employee training
  • Assign and keep track of your trainers
  • Create or set training for your employees
  • Set the employee training schedule
  • Manage the training cost of your company
Learn more

Core HR

  • A directory of your active and archived employees
  • Manage employee transfers in your company
  • Handle the employee promotion easily
  • Provide awards for deserving employees
  • Manage employee warnings and terminations
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Core HR Software in GCC
HRMS Asset Management Tool


  • Manage all the assets in your company
  • Manage the asset issuance process
  • Handle the assets returned by employees
  • Add photos to know the asset condition
Learn more


  • Update/record attendance of your employees
  • Generate monthly timesheets for your employees
  • View the attendance calendar of your employees
  • View the overtime rates and details of an employee
  • Access the last login details of the employees
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HRMS Attendance Software
HRMS Leave Management Software


  • Add leave types for your employees
  • Enter employee leave reasons
  • Edit the leave details of an employee
  • Manage the annual leaves in your organization
  • Oversee the leave salary and encashment process
Learn more


  • Manage payment approval of your organization
  • Generate documents in your bank format
  • Generate the payslip of your employees
  • Make bulk salary payments
  • View the payslip history in your organization
Learn more
HRMS Payroll System
Business Travel Management

Air Ticket

  • Issue air tickets to your employees
  • Set the accurate status of air tickets
  • Manage air ticket encashment requests
  • Set air ticket encashment status
  • Select the payroll month for encashment
Learn more


  • Set performance indicators for your employees
  • Set technical and organizational competencies
  • Edit the list of all performance appraisals
  • View the list of all performance appraisals
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Performance Appraisal Software in Middle East
HRMS Employee Offboarding Software n GCC


  • Manage the resignation of your employees
  • Provide precise final settlement to your employees
  • Download or upload the clearance form
  • Manage the employee exit
  • Conduct exit interviews
Learn more

HR Management

  • Oversee the employee complaints in your company
  • Allows expense claim management
  • Manage advance salary of an employee
  • Provide employee loans easily
  • Add events and meetings in your organization
  • Manage holidays in the organization
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HR Management System
Employee Document Management Software

File Management

  • Digitizes the files and documents in your organization
  • Handle the official documents in the organization
  • Set expiry dates for files and documents
  • Alerts when a document is about to expire
Learn more


  • Generate precise payroll reports
  • Generate employee reports department, designation, and nationality wise
  • Provides asset issued and returned reports
  • Provides reports on expired documents
  • Generates reports salary reports of the employees
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HR Report
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